Medical face masks

Maskie supplies surgical masks to medical organizations. Our masks are provided with a CE certificate and are more than (BFE > 99%) compliant with the IIR standard. Our face masks come from a single reliable manufacturer in China. The surgical masks are shipped from Qianzhou, an airport 80 kilometers away from our Daring Duck office in Xiamen (Fujian Province).

On average, every 10 days, We have flights to Schiphol (Amsterdam) and can therefore ensure a short delivery time, even if we unexpectedly cannot deliver from stock. New shipments are regularly tested in the Netherlands to reconfirm that they meet the IIR requirements.

Due to a larger supply of raw materials and lower transport costs have decreased the prices of mask masks in the past month. Please contact Paul Schoe from Maskie (0642193085) for the current price.