Facemask Comfort Set for easy breathing


Breath easier in your mouth mask.

Do you also have such a burden that the mouth mask touches your mouth when you inhale? The substance is, as it were, sucked in, making your respiration more difficult and your make-up to get on the mouth mask.

With the Maskie Comfort Set you get rid of this problem.

By placing the comfortable plastic insert in your mouth mask, the fabric is no longer sucked in and you can continue to breathe easily.

In the photo you can see how easy it is to place the insert in your mouth mask. With adjustable hooks, it can also be used for many other mouth masks.

The Maskie Comfort Set is particularly suitable if you often wear the mask for a longer period of time.

In addition, you will receive a free earmuff that you can place between the two rubber bands of your mouth mask so that the cap no longer 'hangs' from your ears.

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