Face masks designed by artists

The masks in the Artist Line are signed by the Dutch artist and come in a special cardboard packaging. The front of each package is designed by the artist. The back has an image of himself or herself provided by the artist as well as an introduction of the artist in the language of the country where they live

Artists receive an amount for every mask sold, so with the purchase of a mask from the Artist Line you not only have a unique design but you also support local artists.


This month, when purchasing 3 different * mouth masks from the Artist Line, you will receive our unique foldable Snowman Bag for free. Made from environmentally friendly recycled PET bottles, we thank you for supporting our artists.

* you will receive our unique Snowman bag with every combination of 3 different mouth caps. So, for example, if you purchase 2 copies of 3 designs, you will receive 2 Snowmen with your delivery.