Maskie masks for adults

We are a Dutch company and have designed the Maskie face masks to offer consumers a safe, comfortable and affordable solution for daily protection.
These are advantages of Maskie mouth masks:

⇒ Safe

The special fit encloses mouth, nose and cheeks. Between the 3 outer layers is a replaceable PM 2.5 filter that is built up of 5 layers. Each mask comes with 2 free filters. The filter is easy to remove so that the operation can be adapted to your environment: with filter in company and without filter with effort.

⇒ Anti-bacterial  

The good fit in combination with a carbon filter and two filters of melted fiber ensures an active blockage of most bacteria.

⇒ Reusable

Made of quality materials and with sustainable yarn; does a Maskie mask last long term.

⇒ Comfortable

The mouth caps are lined on the inside with cotton that has a comfortable feel.
In addition, Maskies have adjustable ear straps and a nose clip that is incorporated into the fabric.

⇒ Washable

The mask is suitable for the washing machine..

⇒ Fashionable and continuously innovative

New designs are regularly released and with our Artist Line we support artists during this period.